2014 Ford Fiesta ST Review

I am SO blown away by the products rolling out of Dearborn, Michigan these days. The Blue Oval scores another win with the 2014 Fiesta ST. Initially I drove the naturally aspirated version of this car, and I couldn’t really fault much with it. It is a small car for sure, but totally usable in a commuter setting. It even handled decently at the limits of adhesion and sanity. I took the bread and butter version a long ways over the line, and it responded well.

At that same time back in June, I was exposed to the Fiesta ST. “Look but don’t touch” were the instructions. And look I did… anxiously! Come October, I finally got my hands on the performance version of the Fiesta.

Fiesta ST 2014 Rear

Fiesta ST Interior

Ford knows the ST is not the car for everyone. It is a four wheeled rocket with a very tight and firm suspension package. Go-cart-like may be an apt description. If you are seeking basic transportation from point A to point B, this is not the car for you.

However if you are looking for a compact car with lots of zip and personality, then this may be the set of wheels you have been seeking. The bright green paint job was flawless, and appealed to me on a number of levels… Not only because of its smooth and shiny surface, but also because of the touch of pearl in the top coat. It is hard to miss this car, and keep this in mind when blasting around town.

The bright red brake calipers loosely concealed by the cool rims and low profile tires give the impression of business, and have the stopping power to back it up. It took a bit of time to become accustomed to the touchy nature of the brakes, but the binders certainly did haul the Fiesta St down from a high rate of speed without protest.

The heated Recaro seats holds the driver and passenger firmly during spirited driving. But these seats are not going to comfortable on a long haul unless you are of small stature.

The 6-speed transmission – what a stellar piece of automotive engineering! The transmission and linkage works flawlessly, and I’ve never experienced a manual gearbox that shifts like this one, other than in the Focus ST. Ford has taken the shift-it-yourself transmission to a new level, and this in itself is reason enough to test drive one of these cars. It is that good!

And of course, the Fiesta ST comes with some of the expected goodies – MyFord Touch, SiriusXM satellite radio, navigation, and hands-free cellular interface, to name but a few of the options.

To wrap it up this is a small car for small people, but it packs a good punch and was a pleasure to drive for its intended purposes. Loved it!

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