How to Change a Tire on a Car

Modern tires are definitely more puncture-resistant compared to their first generation cousins. However, at some point in time you will be motoring along in your car, minding your own business, when a low frequency flapping noise suddenly gets your attention. It gets louder the further along you travel, and the car seems to be pulling in one direction… You have just experienced your first flat tire!

What to do? Hopefully, you have checked the air pressure spare tire in the not too distant past, or you have just found yourself in an entirely different scenario. But assuming there is air in the spare, I will walk you through step by step the procedure How to Change a Tire on a Car.

  • Get off the road and stop in a safe spot.  Set the emergency brake. The car can’t move while the tire is changed, as this could put you in serious trouble, with a very real chance of injury or even death.
  • Find the jack and the tools for lifting the vehicle.

Jack and Tools

  • Remove the spare from its storage location, and place it close to where you will need it.

The vehicle in the pictures is a Dakota pick-up. Its jacking location for a rear tire is on the rear axle assembly. Your vehicle most likely will be different.

  • Place the jack in the appropriate location. Make contact in the jacking location, but do not lift the vehicle off the ground yet.

Placing the Jack under the Rear Axle

  • Crack loose the lug nuts with the wheel wrench, but DO NOT remove them at this time. It doesn’t make sense to take off the nuts if the car isn’t up in the air, does it? The idea is that the weight of the vehicle holds the tire in place so you can loosen the nuts, as it is hard to loosen the nuts with the vehicle in the air.

Tire is installed, jack lowered, and lug nouts are receiving the final tightening

  • Lift the vehicle so the tire is off the ground.
  • Remove the lug nuts, and remove the flat tire

Tire off the vehicle

  • Put the spare on the vehicle, install the lug nuts and tighten slightly with the wrench
  • Lower the car, and now tighten the lug nuts firmly

Loosening Lug Nuts before the Car is Jacked Up

  • Stow the spare tire and jack.
  • Release the Parking Brake

You are on your way!

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  • July 10, 2013 at 2:55 pm

    Great article, I was looking for something to send my niece that would walk her through the steps. She didn’t have a clue what a jack was.



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