How to Survive a Motorcycle Crash

There is something very appealing about throwing a leg over a motorbike and going for a ride. Even though there is a certain amount of danger, we enthusiasts still do it and accept the risks. Recently, I received a message that one of my friends had been in a motorcycle accident. The good news was that he was the one who sent the message, which meant he wasn’t too badly hurt.

Peter was minding his own business while out for a leisurely ride from Calgary to Radium. Suddenly the traffic on Highway 1 just west of the city came to a grinding halt. He found himself unable to stop the motorcycle quickly enough to prevent rear-ending the vehicle in front of him. As such he made an evasive maneuver to steer around the rapidly slowing vehicle, but unfortunately still clipped the Honda Civic.

Sliding down the road with the greatest of ease all the while watching his motorcycle turn cartwheels in front of him, Pete didn’t have much time to reflect upon what had just happened. The first people on the scene of his accident were two nurses, an off-duty police officer, and a doctor.

Peter ending up taking a ride an ambulance to the hospital, where he was checked out thoroughly and then released. He would like to extend a huge “Thank You!” to those who stopped and helped him, and to the emergency personnel in the ambulance and at the hospital.

Let’s be honest here – getting slammed to the ground in a low-side crash is still gonna hurt like hell and Pete’s elbow took a beating. But the good news is that his injuries were minimized because he was wearing some decent riding gear. Shift Pants (Kevlar lined) and a Frank Thomas summer riding jacket saved his hide.



Pete’s thoughts on good gear, “Proper riding gear saved me from serious injury. You people in t-shirts and shorts – are you crazy???”

All the gear, all the time. Minimize you risk while riding!

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  • July 13, 2015 at 6:04 am

    I just ordered Rokker jeans w/ armor. I have TCX X-RAP armored boots, but I am upgrading to Dainese Torque RS, hope they fit right. I wear an EVS Sport vest and Fox launch elbow; the one with the hard shell, Speed and Strength lock and load gloves (great quality for price) and a Shoei X12. All worth looking at.


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