The Grumpy Mechanic hits Baja California

As a young buck, it took me a number of years to accept that I was truly a car geek. I’m sure to family and friends, this revelation wasn’t as much a surprise to them as it was to me.

But what comes after a person has found the “groove”? Reaching a point of acceptance, a business or career is understood, the intricacies are known – a realization an occupation has indeed provided. What comes next?
After pondering the question, I decided to give back.

Giving back to the global society can take many forms. Some elect to give money to various causes. Others will donate equipment. As for me, I elected to share my knowledge and experience with other automotive technicians in training – people in foreign countries who have not had anywhere close to the same opportunities I have enjoyed as a Canadian.

In July of 2015, I embarked on another automotive training trip. The destination this time? The Baja Peninsula – San Quintin, Mexico to be exact. The goal once again was to share automotive knowledge to help others to help improve their lives through the acquisition of skills. By the way, I’m the guy in coveralls, and I spent a week working with amazing people, doing my best to share what I have learned during my time in the automotive trade. Thank you to Rick Cogbill of Mercy Tech Mission and One Life One Chance Ministries for making this trip possible.

The Gang Hams it Up
The Gang Hams it Up

Is a life not about the journey and experiences along the way? If I can help others because of the opportunities afforded me, is that not a positive goal?

It is hard to explain the personal satisfaction that comes when someone genuinely states, “Thank you for making this trip so I can learn”. It is different than working in a shop in Canada. This, I assure you.

Using lip balm as o-ring assembly grease - sometimes you need to be creative
Using lip balm as o-ring assembly grease – sometimes you need to be creative

Baja Red dust - it goes everywhere - and through filters
Baja Red dust – it goes everywhere – and through filters

Rick Cogbill deivering the best ujoint installation demo ever
Rick Cogbill delivering the best u-joint installation demo ever

Hard at work replacing a fuel pump
Hard at work replacing a fuel pump

As the saying goes, knowledge is power, and by teaching people how automotive and mechanical systems work, they develop skills that can change their lives – quite similar to the way my life was changed as I entered this business here in Canada.

I shall return to the Baja – March 2016!

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